Friday, May 23, 2008

Seafood from Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran is a small town in southern Ciamis regency, West Java, Indonesia.
It is located on the southern coast of Java. Pangandaran is a popular tourist destination, having a beach which is considered to be one of the finest in Java and which offers excellent surfing
Besides become the surfers paradise, Pangandaran also rich of unique culiner. especially for sea food.
Several kinds of cookery from fish are become the most interesting dishes are waiting to be tried.
Baked Fish and calamary become the most desired food in the land.
The unique taste and the affordable price become the reason why, culiner in Pangandaran worthed to be visited.
Enjoying Sunset in the beautiful land and dine with unique sea food under the coconut trees will be most enjoyable moment which you'll never forget.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strawberry Paradise

Seventy five miles south of Jakarta, Soreang, the capital of Bandung regency is located.

Takes at about 4 hours drive from Jakarta.
It has a very nice weather, because it is located in a high land. A perfect place to stay.
Lot of tourists visit this place to enjoy this beautiful place.
This places is well known for its Strawberry. Several products made of this red fruits are available in Soreang. i.e. strawberry jam, strawberry cookies, strawberry juice, and the other.

The most famous of Soreang and its Strawberry is the strawberry garden. Here in the garden, visitor may buy strawberry by picking with their bare hands.

The price is very affordable, 1 kilo grams of Strawberry which we pick by ourselves is only Rp. 20.000 or about USD 2. a very cheap price for 100% guarantee fresh fruits plus great experiences.

Soreang also provide number 1 accommodation, besides the road lead to soreang in a very good shape, several 4 stars hotel are available in this places.

After you feel satisfied with Strawberry garden and soreang circumstance, you may continue your travel to Ciwidey. It takes only 1 hour drive from the heart of Soreang.

In Ciwidey you can see a very beautiful lake and hot spring water.

Eager to enjoy this strawberry paradise, come and join us.

Batagor, Cendol, Yoghurt, Timbel Rice

The variety of Bandung Cuisine

Bandung Cuisine Places


Jalan Pasirkaliki 160, Bandung

Jalan Laswi 1, Bandung

Traditional food with elegant circumstances.


Jalan Surapati 49

Wide enough, You can eat by the way of lesehan here.


Jalan Raya Cikole Km 22

Jalan Raya Provinsi Ciwidey, Sub-Province Bandung

Jalan Surapati 53

One of most popular restaurant in Bandung.


Sundanese Cookery with modern presentation.


Jalan L.L.R.E. Martadinata ( Riau) 156-158

Jalan Soekarno-hatta 408

Hardly having Sundanese nuance.


Jalan Sumatra 9

Luxuriant place. Dish presented delicious, however the price higher is compared to Sunda restaurant. Most of food court in mall provides special shop of Sundanese cookery. One other most famous is Ampera. Liwet rice in Ampera which you can enjoy after you feel tired go around the mall.

If batagor is your appetite, then try to visit hereunder places:


Jalan Burangrang 41

Here You can buy batagor which is half done, which you can cook by yourself at home. Half done Batagor can be kept in refrigerator for several days.


Jalan Veteran ( Youngest) 25

It has become sundanese favorite food. Half done batagor also sold here.


Jalan Buah Batu 139

Jalan Cihampelas 198B

Famous with batagor and its lamb soup.

Banana molen and steamed brownies are also available here:


Jalan Buah Batu 165A

Jalan Kebon Jukut 3C

Jalan H. Akbar

Jalan Kopo Sayati 111A

Jalan Terusan Jakarta 77E

Jalan I.. H. Djuanda ( Dago)


Jalan Kemuning 20

Jalan Buah Batu 169A

Jalan Peta 169

Many other cake shops and supermarket sale this delicious snacks.

The most famous ice cendol in Bandung is cendol ElizabethElizabeth name is taken from the shop name Elizabeth located in the south of Bandung. However, this food can be buy in the supermarket or other small shop in packages.

Bandrek and Bajigur are available in most all Sunda restaurants.

Sometimes also there is selling bandrek and bajigur in packaging sachet, thus you can buy it as present.

If you interested with yoghurt, try to take a look for it in these places:


Jalan Cisangkuy 66

Watery type yoghurt sold here. And available in various tastes.


Jalan Acheh 30

Besides yoghurt, here you also can taste milk and kefir.


Jalan Baru Sukawarna 28

Viscid yoghurt of ala France available in various tastes. Sold in small package also in litter size.

Hot snacks, detectable in:

Various streets in town Bandung. Especially in Jalan Supratman and Jalan Cilaki. Roast sticky rice and roasted corn are available in Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) and area Lembang.

Interested to taste fried rice?

This food are available in cloister, restaurant, even food court in mall.

Tempted with Cakue?


BEC MALL. Jalan Purnawarman 13-15 2nd floor, C-05

Public Square Palace Mall. Jalan Pasirkaliki 121-123, LG-B3

Available various types sauce which will add the delicate cakue of your choice.

Prefer in a spicy food?


Jalan Buah Batu 150

Jalan I.. H. Djuanda ( Dago) 55

Jalan Surapati

Jalan LL. RE. Martadinata ( Riau)

Compared to other Padang restaurant, food served in this restaurant is not too spicy. Chicken pop without sambal is an ideal choice for which wish to taste cookery Padang which scrumptious and is crispy, but not hot.


Jalan Dipati Ukur 80A

The price is affordable, the taste also delicious.

For Japan, Chinese, and Korean food lover


Jalan I.. H. Djuanda ( Dago) 48

Buffet style, Japan cookery.


Hotel Holiday Inn

Jalan I.. H. Djuanda 29

Like sushi bar in Japan.


Horizon Hotel

Jalan Pelajar Pejuang 45

For those who devote sushi and teppanyaki.


Jalan Braga 64

Classy and unique circumstances.


Jalan Trunojoyo 32

Wide oriental style building with delicious food.


IP MALL, Jalan Pasirkaliki 121-123

Various Chinese food with amazing flavor.


Flamboyant Centre, Jalan Sukajadi 232-234

For rice Hainan rice and juan lover.


Jalan Sukajadi 175


Jalan Gist;sari Rock 21

With a great Korean Nuance.

A fancy place for Western dishes and Western Steak:


Jalan LL. RE. Martadinata ( Riau) 215

With strong Bali atmosphere.


Jalan LL. RE. Martadinata ( Riau) 67

Serve great taste coffee and steak

Laos Cafe

Specialize in delicate Spaghetti and pizza will make addictive Italian cookery devotee.


Delicious food with great atmosphere

For taking an interest in seafood:


Jalan Sandalkayu 4

Delicious seafood, You also can buy fresh/ cooked crab which has packed into thermos. Ideal for present.


Jalan Sukajadi 225

Live music performance every weekend with large portion of food

For cookery Thailand lover:


Jalan I.. H. Djuanda ( Dago) 173

Good service with delicious food


Jalan Braga 121 2nd Floor

Various food which will pleasant your tongue

For cookery devotee Vietnam:


Jalan Sunda 56

Special menu every weekend

The most famous food present in Bandung are Flaky tempe, pie flaky, sale banana, cartridge, and others.



Both residing in Jalan Cihampelas.

Go shopping all day long in various Factory Outlet and mall, visits Jalan Cihampelas to look for jeans product, go to Jalan Cibaduyut to admire product like shoe, bag, jacket from skin, visits tourism place around Bandung.

Bandung Cuisine

A lot of people visit Bandung every time, as West Java central city, Bandung offers many things, starts from multifarious of snacks in cloister till food haute cuisine, every visitor will surely find food matching with their appetite, in this place.

Local Bandung citizen which named Sundanese is well known to have many delicious dishes. Sundanese food tends to more insipidly but remain to be crispy. (Except if you try the hot famous sudden sambal!) Taste to which more scrumptious at the same time hot, dines warm Liwet rice with sudden sambal. Don't forget to add sour vegetable as complement. It’s delicate!

Sundanese people consuming vegetable much than the other, raw vegetable (fresh vegetable or salad), like cucumber, tomato, cabbage, cress, etcetera. This salad usually is complement for sudden sambal.

Liwet rice perhaps is the most popular food. Usually, rice which is compactable then is wrapped this banana leaf dined with sundanese salad, sudden sambal, chicken rasher (can be fried or grilled), tempe fries, knew frying, salty fish fries. Sometimes can also is added gepuk (steak soaked by mace then is fried), steamed dish (fish, chicken, mushroom, etc), vegetable, and others. Batagor-baso is the most often searched food. Made from mixture of tofu and fish refined along with flour, with peanut sauce makes the batagor lover always longing for its typical taste.

Sweet snacks lover perhaps will like banana molen. As variation, we recommend you to try brownies steam. Ice cendol, made from rice powder, coconut sugar, and coconut mink is really fresh and great to be enjoyed in the hot day. When chilled, bandrek and bajigur can be made choice. Various milk products especially yoghurt, also is one of pledge Bandung. There is two yoghurt types in marketing which more thicker and watery (ala France).

Hot snack ala Bandung is sold in many places. For example gehu (fried tofu with essence) toge , of a kind knew content containing vegetable and toge, banana fries, cireng aci fried, and still many again. For which wish to taste incredible taste, you can choose jackfruit fries, peuyeum fries, pineapple fries, etc. Roast sticky rice or corn also the one which very often hunted.

Fried rice, although not original food from Sundanese also has many enthusiasts. There is many various fried rice, depends on material added to the rice. Several fried rice are seafood fried rice, chicken fried rice and vegetable, lamb fried rice, saline fish fried rice, and others.

Bandung also has various restaurants, for example only, restaurant Padang (with taste that is relative more hotly and having flavor), Java (Likely tends to beloved), China, Japan, Korea, west menu restaurant, India restaurant, etc.


Frequently know as Parahyangan which means, Residence Of The Deities, this dale has metropolitan atmosphere at the same time leafy impression becomes green. Fulfilled various places to eat delicious, Factory Outlets (FO), also mall, makes many local and also foreign tourist want to stay in Bandung for a long time.

To visit Bandung you can go by plane, train, or by renting car.

Everything at here starts from cheap rent house until five star luxuriant hotel.

City transport which often called angkot, through most all protocol streets in Bandung. But for more comfortable visit you can take cab or rent a car, if you wish to go around Bandung all day long.

To taste the liwet rice and various other Sunda dishes, you can try the restaurants hereunder. There is a lot of Sunda restaurant in Bandung. So takes your time, and choose your favorite place in the town.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GIft Preserved Fruits from Cianjur

Located at about 120 km from Jakarta, Cianjur is one of the finest city of West Java,

This city has at about 100,000,of population. Cianjur is famous for its rice, the first class rice from Indonesia which named Pandan Wangi. Beside famous for its beautiful places and first class rice, It is also famous for its preserved fruits called manisan, which is popular as snack. The preservation method is either dry or wet, using white sugar in both cases and vinegar and water in the latter case. The most popular manisan is made from mango, with plums and other fruits also available. Most of gifts seller along Cianjur main boulevard sell this food.

Other than rice & 'manisan', Cianjur also got a nick name 'tauco city', tauco is made from soya bean & internationally known as main ingredient for miso soup (Japanese soup).

Cianjur popular place is Puncak, most of the people knew about this place and did not aware that Puncak is part of Cianjur location. Everybody who will travel from Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak will go through Cianjur before reach Bandung.

Below list is popular food from Cianjur (other than traditional food as mentioned above): - Ayam Goreng Jakarta (Fried Chicken 'Kampung') - Ikan Bakar Cianjur (Fried Fish), Pancake & Bitterballen (Puncak Pass hotel and resort).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheese-Banana Pancake & Hot tea

Breathe the fresh air in the middle of woods in a tropical country like Indonesia is a dream. Moreover if we can sit for a while, reading several pages of our favored book and of course enjoying a cup of hot tea and a cheese banana pancake.
Puncak pass resort help us materialize this dream. Located in the top of Gede mount, this resort gives us a very excellent daydream.
It takes 2 hours drive from Jakarta to reach this place, after passing a long boulevard in the middle of tea plants, you will find this place right after you reach the top of the mountain.
The building is very exotic, when you enter the main gate, a classic hotel building with superb mountain view will welcome your eyes to your daydream paradise.
Choose to sit at the outside table, here you can enjoy the warmth of sun and feels the gentle wind touch your body.
Puncak Pass resort serve several kinds of food, from western to Indonesian food. From T-Bone Steak to oxen tail soup. For light food you may choose the classic pofferces, crocket, and of course the special one Cheese-Banana Pancake.
The Cheese-Banana pancake is very special one -no wonder that puncak pass resort is well known because of this kind of food- One of the Chef said this pancake is already being cooked in this hotel since the dutch colonial invade Indonesia. Many people comes to Puncak pass to enjoy this food only.
This pancake is made of combination of first class flour, milk, margarine and butter the topping usually made of red sugar syrup with ice cream for the addition. You may choose what you want to have for your pancake, banana, cheese, pineapple or the combination between them.
To enjoy this pancake, a cup of gunung mas tea will complete your day dream.
Eager to enjoy this daydream, just pack your bag and visit the resort.
For further information you may search in